Salon service: Bes Kontrast hair color is the new fashion salon service to express: personality, originality, self-confidence, chromatic harmony.

Product setting: Contrast of colour and light harmoniously associated to achieve a faceted, vibrating, natural chromatic effect. Proposed to exalt every woman’s sweetness, style, self-confidence, class and sensuousness.

The Plus: The content of six vegetal liposomes gives the hair a perfect cosmetic character. The liposomes
can easily interact with the hair structure, with which they present a high affinity in terms of composition and cell aggregation. The beeswax contained in the cosmetic cream rebalances on the hair stem the hydropolidic value, a fundamental factor to disentangle the hair and to censure softness and beauty.

Technical characteristics: Multichromatic effect harmochromatic hairstreaks and contrast cream with vegetal liposomes and beeswax not requiring any prior bleaching.

Result: SPECIAL EFFECT such as: coloured streak effect, flash effect, touch effect, highlight effect,
bend effect, colour