"The Trend cannot be predicted and less guaranteed, but it can be stimulated. The bright symbols excite, snatch, capture attention, passionate, cause reaction, which immediately becomes a new motivation. In that short time assigned to the symbol, the Trend achieves to produce a change in being, whose memory will remain in the Being forever."

Revival Coleccion

The new BES trend collection REVIVAL is the expression of a fashion that plunges into the past, into a journey through the ages that have marked and carved the path of mankind in time. REVIVAL touches three different but perfectly compatible emotional expressions: Music, Color and assemble them in the harmonious realization of an artwork. Freedom of shapes and colors, refin ment and elegance, determination, sensuality and resourcefulness are visible in every shot, in every pose, in every look. The search for style and the evolution of fashion in history inspire the creation of the collection.

The pleasures awakened by a sound, the synchrony of the chords and the balance of the melodies, associate the music to the face of every age. The strong and delicate colors represent the character and the emotion of each generation. The expression of form and movement create wonder and amazement, and it allows the artist to show off his creativity and ability by designing a current fashion on the imprint of the past. Revival brings back a never forgotten pas and makes it visible in the form of images and emotions.

Hydrosphere Collection

The term “hydrosphere” derives from ancient Greek ὕδωρ hydōr, “water” and σφαῖρα sphaira, “sphere”, a magical fusion between fluid and form. Hydrosphere is natural perfection, able to project who lives it in a world without patterns or borders, where everything is free and pure. Hydrosphere expresses itself through forms, colors and cuts, carved and graven, like a creek that leaves an indelible sign of its passage. Colors discompose inside the water drops suspended in the air, in the unpredictable sea, in the mystery of the founts, in the mirror effects of rivers and lakes. They create thousands of lighting shades, unique and unrepeatable, which make the woman an enchanting creature for those who look at her. The man, authoritative and elegant, assumes a natural but refined look, embellished with bright pearls of color that exalt multidirectional cutting lines, the texture of the hair and its shapes.

Essenza Collection

ESSENCE as art purposes. Art is the creative manifestation of the human being. To create art are necessary intelligence, dedication, desire and a formidable amount of creativity. The art reveals itself in the form of painting, music, architecture and sculpture. Art can be interpreted as a science, the science that reveals the beauty of the human soul. Only who feels the true ESSENCE is able to develop an artistic movement without time that becomes precious of their uniqueness and originality during the years. With the ESSENCE collection BES Beauty and Science was inspired by the artistic heritage of which our wonderful country is the sole guardian. With this collection we have tried to capture the ESSENCE of what is beautiful and awesome: the Bernini’s Scala, the Colosseum, the St. Peter’s Dome. These works are, without a doubt, among the most impressive and rich in meaning that have ever been created. A mix of precision, charm, majesty and modernity that they can relate well to the sensibility and to the artistic ideal of its creators. The ESSENCE collection, inspired by the great artistic heritage that Italy has, wanted to create something new but at the same time wanted to keep anchored to the unique roots and Italian art features. BES Beauty and Science wanted to realize an innovative collection, both in form and colour; a collection that will never be outdated, but that appears always timeless and contemporary. A strong collection, decisive and original: the ESSENCE of the ART!

Pixel Collection

The New Trend Collection presented by BES Beauty & Science wants to redefine the exact meaning of the word PIXEL, by proposing chromatic elements that will show the high vibrancy and quality of colors. It is a collection that defines brightness and deepness in colors. Digital world bursts inside the Beauty Salons, giving a new life between digital art and modern styling! The New Trend collection is ”PIXEL Technique”. An eccentric technique, very intense, that is promoting the beauty and the chromaticity in self-exalting colors. Plus, it is completely innovative and has never been used inside the Beauty Salons! Thanks to these techniques, it is easier to observe the pairing and the fusion occurring between colors. And it’s a high quality solution, so the colors stand out and they become noticeable to everyone eye! These colors and haircuts techniques are based on geometry principal ruling: they create movement and texture, combined with colors of high definition. “Pixel Trend Collection” colors, through the fusion of warm and cold expressions, arouse emotions and sophistication, ranging from natural pure tones to a mixt of infrared and ultraviolet.


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